Yazhli Global Multidisciplinary Research Organization (YGMRO) is a non-profit, duly-registered organization of international scholars, experts, leaders, innovators, educators, administrators, artists, game changers, and industry practitioners under the Government of India for the development and promotion of research and research-related activities. We are also a professional membership and accrediting organization registered under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of India, the executive body of the government responsible for the formulation and administration of rules, regulations, and laws relative to all of India’s micro, small, and medium enterprises.

Exploring the frontiers of modern knowledge across industries requires no less than performing research in a multidisciplinary approach. As such, we at YGMRO supports cutting-edge education and research so that the organization can offer fresh perspectives at how skills training, development, education, and practice should be delivered from an academic, scientific standpoint. Multidisciplinary research must be relevant to the requisites of the varied industries not only in the local or regional scale, but more importantly, in the global landscape. And in order to address a wide range of issues, members have agreed to work together to improve educational capacity and interest in research, establish educational policies, and help apply research findings worldwide. Clusters of eminent scientists, distinguished professors, expert practitioners, and accomplished researchers from India and around the world are committed to promoting the value and ethical conduct of research.

At YGMRO, we believe that there are no challenges too big to tackle. For us, every problem is solvable, every disease preventable, and every goal achievable.


Recognized as one of the research organization leaders in promoting education with fervent interest on delivering active output-driven research works, YGMRO provides:

  •  A wide array of structured training and development programs to improve one’s research skills and competencies while helping make the research work become more relevant to a target audience.
  •  Varied platforms where everyone is able to share pertinent research findings, novel ideas, best practices, and practical experiments that focus on the realization of theory into practice to aid in the common good of all, regardless.
  •  Opportunities for publication in peer-reviewed journals, magazines, proceedings, book chapters, and books.
  •  Opportunities for institutional and organizational collaboration and partnership to host global conferences, international seminars, skill-specific workshops, and global recognition events.
  •  Recognize and award individuals, newbies to experts, who have contributed in their field of endeavor through their research, outcome, promotion, outreach, or work performance.
  •  Open the flow of information and ideas among our members, as well as the development of new research initiatives and collaborations.


For the purpose of carrying out its social and academic responsibilities, Yazhli Global Multidisciplinary Research Organization (YGMRO) seeks to practice highly ethical, academic research environment. This will result to organizing highly-reputable multidisciplinary research conferences, seminars, workshops, and recognition events that will be held in different parts of the globe, leaving behind a rich narrative of the process and a memorable experience for everyone who participates in the event.